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5 Years of Experience In Films & Videos

We, at Xentertainment, reckon that every brand or an organisation has a distinctive story and it needs to be conveyed effectively to their audience, so we make it a pattern to conceptualise and produce visually driven content that can thoroughly impact the audience. We are a coupled team of a committed bunch of individuals working jointly to drop an impact to strike the right chords of harmony. We are a Featured Film Production Company in Mumbai – the city of creative choir and dreams and are happy to travel where our stories lead us. Through the nights of remarkable courage and strength, we proudly brand ourselves as one of the fastest-growing production houses in the city. We create videos with out of box thoughts and visualisation to communicate and impress your target audience. We have exciting projects in production coming your way.

Our aim is to find intriguing stories, develop them into scripts and finally transform them into unforgettable experiences on the screen.

Xentertainment is a full production service company. We have successfully produced many projects. These include feature films, TV commercials, documentaries, music videos and corporate videos. Our films rely on thorough research and precise scripting. Our team is chosen with careful meticulousness as we believe that filmmaking must have the appearance and precision of a TV commercial yet amalgamate the sensibility and progression of a film.

Xentertainment – Featured Film Production Company in Mumbai has worked and collaborated with some of the most acclaimed talents and reputed brands from across the nation. We represent a group of world-class talent that excel in their diverse approaches to storytelling, visual styles, performance genres and also include ideation, scripting, animations, shooting, execution, animations, editing, strategy making, pre-production, productions or post-production.
Our experienced, skilful & committed production team strives to support these talents, known for their creative excellence and award-winning work, and get the best out of them enabling to transform a vision or an idea into reality on the image.

Our purpose is to make a project and its vision “the best it can be” – through an experience that is smooth and enjoyable but with results that are unique, successful and momentous.
Together with experience and skill; strong inherent values such as integrity, trust, commitment, and powerful work ethics are Xentertainment’s vision.
We believe in choosing our projects, talent and team keeping these objectives in mind.
We look forward for projects that align with our vision!

Also, we aren’t a Short Film Production House in Mumbai without following safety guidelines that show that we care about the people we work around us.

Here are the precautions we take for any set:

• All performers and crew will complete a temperature check with a contactless thermometer upon entering the set.

• Ensure all high-touch tools and surfaces are cleaned regularly. This includes all equipment and gear such as: cameras, tripods, computers, microphones, etc.

• Create greater distance between crew, keeping a minimum distance of two metres (approximately 2 arms lengths) from others.

• All performers and crew are provided with requirements (i.e. single use gloves/masks, shields, disinfectant supplies, sanitization supplies, etc).

• It is mandatory for all performers and crew to wear a mask or face covering (e.g. constructed to completely cover the nose and mouth without gaping, and secured to the head by ties or ear loops).

• All performers and crew members will be provided with an individual space for personal belongings.

• Limit the sets and offices to essential personnel only – implementing “closed-set” rules.

• Require any individuals who interact with a performer at a distance of less than 2 metres to wear a mask and face shield and wash/sanitize hands.

• Full stop on common physical greetings, such as handshakes.

• Reminding workers to stay home if they are sick or exhibiting symptoms.

With our continuous different completed projects, Xentertainment offers all the right production solutions for your next project.

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