Mumbai Saga Trailer, Review and Explanation by XEntertainment

Mumbai Saga Trailer, Review and Explanation by XEntertainment

Mumbai Saga is a powerful story revolving around the events that led to the transformation of Bombay into Mumbai.

Mumbai Saga Trailer, Review and Explanation by XEntertainment

Mumbai Saga is a powerful story revolving around the events that led to the transformation of Bombay into Mumbai. Based on the events that transpired between the 1980s and 1990s that were dunked in politics, grime, crime, filth, blood, and bullets. But before revealing the trailer let’s tell you the story behind it. This is the story of the times when Mumbai used to be Bombay. Crimes like theft, loot, murder and extortion used to be common in Bombay. Neither the police nor the administration were the goon gangs who used to rule the city. From here starts the story of Amartya Rao a resident of Matunga who dreamt of ruling the entire Mumbai. He started with small crimes like theft, loot and extortion, for which he would not think twice even if he had to murder somebody. While working in this world of crime, he meets the underworld don Chhota Rajan.  And under his shadow, he kills and eliminates numerous gangsters and businessmen who were either Chhota Rajan’s enemies or against him. Slowly and gradually he becomes the most trustworthy and faithful member of the Chhota Rajan gang. And this is how he started ruling half of Mumbai in the company of Chhota Rajan.  During these times Dawood tried to get him killed on more than one occasion, but he survived and is currently is spending time in some prison in Mumbai. We hope that you would have had a fair amount of idea about the story behind Mumbai Saga. So let’s start the review of the movie’s trailer.

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The first scene of the movie starts with a few people extorting ‘haftaa’ or protection money.  At that time our antagonist Amartya Rao (whose role is played in this movie by John Abraham) savagely pounds all those people collecting ‘haftaa’ very badly, and asks everybody to stop paying ‘haftaa’.  After watching John you would be reminded of Shootout at Wadala.  And when the local goon comes to know about it, he calls Amartya at his den.  But there again Amartya badly thrashes the goon and his men black and blue. He also murders a businessman Kadam in broad daylight. He is aided by a politician whose role in this movie is played by Mahesh Manjrekar. Amartya is supported in his bloody games by Murali Shankar whose role in this movie is played by Sunil Shetty who has very few dialogues but he delivers them very maturely.
when evil increases, then there comes a Messiah, similarly in this movie the job of stopping this evil is assigned to inspector Amber Khan who is an encounter specialist. This role in the movie is performed by Emraan Hashmi.  This job becomes even more interesting when Kadam’s wife openly declares a reward of 10 crores for any person who would shoot Amartya in the head. In this multi starrer trailer, the entry of Emraan Hashmi is short but still, you would like his work in this movie. The movie is filled with action and dialogues which are not just bombarding, but also look and sound impactful, e.g. “Time sabka aata hai mera to daur aayega”, “Banduk to sirf shauk ke liye rakhtaa hun, daraane ke liye to sirf naam hi kaafi hai”, etc etc. And for the fans of John and Emraan, this combination is a killer. So for all those people who liked Shootout at Lokhandwala and Shootout at Wadala, this movie and its trailer are a must-watch.   OK, so this was all about those points where the movie scores well. Now let’s also hear about where the movie gets a thumbs down.  If we talk about John’s acting, he is shown acting in a way that is similar to his act in Shootout at Wadala – same pace and same dialogue delivery. Many times you are not able to relate to his acting because he overplays the yelling and howling to the extent that it sounds fake. The trailer is so lengthy that you would come to know and understand the entire movie. And some scenes of the movie would remind you of Shootout At Wadala and Once Upon A Time In Mumbai.  But more or less this movie is a must-watch for fans of John Abraham and Emraan Hashmi.  So all of you watch the trailer of Mumbai Saga and let us know how you liked the review.

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