Sanjeev Jhulka

Director, Actor & Writer

He has done more than 100 different interesting roles in different Feature films, Advertisements, Serials, Web series, etc. He has done Advertisement for France also and Producer from France and director from London used to call him like Mr. Bean He is famous for giving very good expressions and real performance. He is very famous for comedy acting and he even gives Training in Comedy acting to actors  As a writer, he has been writing for a very long time. He has written even Comedy Drama for the very famous program Hawamahal  for Akashwani He has written alarming suspense thrillers for Serials.

He has written comedy suspense thrillers for Web series. He has also written short Films and Advertisements. He has written like in newspapers. He has written poems and he has also recited his poems on stage. As a director, he has directed Telefilms, short films Advertisements, Web series, etc. As Writer Director, he has won many awards also. As a writer his Book has been Launched “ Dil Pyar Zindagi And Twists and Turns ..which has bagged 5-star rating in reviews on Amazon writer’s desk. it is all blessings and inspiration of papaji and Momiji  l love Acting writing and Direction. My writing comes from my heart and it is enhanced by my observation of today’s culture tradition habit of society and as pe what is happening in the country and the word ye mere pyaaree kahaaniyaan hein dil ko chhone waalee cute lekin entertainment se bharpoor …entertaining drama dil ko chhone wale emotions ..dil ko dhadhrkaane wale romance twists and turns suspense and thrills.

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