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You know a show is a hit in today’s digital world when it generates internet memes and T-shirts with dialogues from the show! As the outcome of a fast rhythm of growth in web technology and social media, web series has been widely acknowledged by the viewers as it is available at any time for anyone. On that note, let us introduce you to Xentertainment – Web Series Production Company in Mumbai, having a versatile team of professionals delivering all the sources for making a successful and thriving web series or a web-film. Our continual and steady relationship with the streaming partners’ helps in the production and streaming of the web content more convenient and on-time execution.

Web series are more likely to be the entertainment destination for movie enthusiasts due to the vast and enormous content of movies and series of diverse languages from all parts of the world.

If you ask what is your satisfactory production till now, we will say our relations with our clients and audience. Once you become a member of Xentertainment family, you realize, how well we take care of family members. We do not leave a difference between day and night to deliver our commitment to our client and to satisfy our viewers.

In developing any good series, an imaginative vision must give itself structure to set itself free. Establishing a strong intend for whom the intended audience is for your series can save you a massive headache down the line. Obviously, asking oneself this question is not new to the storytelling process — theater, film and TV practitioners ask themselves this at every turn. Having a clear vision of who your targeted audience is helps relieve any stress down the line when it comes time to promote the series (something you, as the creator, will most likely be spearheading), as you’ll have an organic list of blogs, news outlets, etc. who are already ripe for your series? Also, many creatives all across the country are running to the interwebs and online video to get their work seen and heard, and YouTube, the world’s largest video distribution platform, uploads 100 hours of video content every minute.

We are a Web Series Production House in Mumbai, aiming to win the heart of the audience, not to just make money. There are many ways to earn money, but to win recognition, you have to create content which is impactful as well as entertaining. Whenever we work on any project we put our heart and soul into it, to create something unique for our viewers. We want to leave a legacy on which our viewers can be proud of.

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